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July, 2012 By: Tom Hadrava

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July, 2012 By: Tom Hadrava

2012 in a nutshell!!!

It has been an unbelievable last year. Things have change drastically for Mykle and I. Mykle is still working at St. Lukes as an RN. Iím still employed with Field Logic.

I was recently promoted to IT Manager and our IT department has evolved into a team. Rather than being the one man show that it was, it is now a team of four!!! This is very exciting for myself and Field Logic. It has opened many doors of opportunity.

We have done tons with the house since 2011. We have done some landscaping, painting, organizing, etc. All those little things that make home just a little bit homier. Are next big renovation is finishing the basement. We got it all cleared out, the next step are sealing, painting, and then putting up walls. We hope to have the basement done by the end of 2012.

Mykle took dog training to the next level. What started out as a little training class for our puppies, has developed into a full fledge hobby that Mykle enjoys very much. She does very well, and even has the ribbons to prove it!

This year I was privileged enough to have a friend that got a boat. Him and I have renewed our once was old hobby of fishing. We probably didnít go as much as we wanted to, but it was a damn good start.

This year vacation-wise we were able to go to Montana again snowboarding. This time it was just Mykle and I. We went to Bridgerbowl. I havenít been there since my early High school years. It was nice to go there now that I am an adult. Mykle and I also took a trip down to Memphis to visit her father.

We now are preparing to go on our anniversary. We have a full-fledged camping/atv trip planned in Ashland WI. Assuming we have time, we also hope to go to Wisconsin Dells. Neither of us have ever been there, so it should be fun. Hopefully we will be blessed with some nice weather.

The largest news of this year was the great flood of Duluth MN!!! We live out in the Fon Du Lac area of Duluth MN. Our area was hit the hardest. We were basically stranded where we live for 1 week due to the roads being washed out and underwater. Thankfully our house was never really in danger because of the ground level where it sits. A couple blocks down from me though, my neighborís houses were 3 feet under water. Some homes were completely washed away on the St. Louis River side. No one ever thought such an event could happen here. Since the flood, the city has been very good at helping us get back to normal. Mission creek will take many years to get back to the way it was. Jay Cooke State Park is completely washed out. Very sad considering Mykle and I had our 2nd year anniversary there. We were hoping to return for our 4th year, this obviously forced us to change our plans. Lol!

I keep on saying Iím going to update more often, but as the months go by, it gets increasingly more difficult to find the time to do it. Thatís life I suppose! At least I can say that Iím busy. Much better then turning into a chunk of butter doing nothing! Ha ha!

April, 2011 By: Tom Hadrava

Web Design and IT Consulting

If you live in the Duluth area/quad city area in Minnesota and are looking for Information Technology help. I'm your guy! I currently am doing jobs on the side to better myself and others. I have 6 years of professional IT experience. I have designed a multitude of basic web sites for friends and businesses. If interested send an email to, yes, that is thedrava, as in "The Drava". Not a typo. I also have experience with setting up Windows Servers, email, and network infrastructure. I do work a full time job as well. So my time is limited. Let the fun begin!

April, 2011 By: Tom Hadrava

Where do I begin?

So much has been going on since I last updated. Thus me not updating in FOREVER! So the only way I see fit to updating everyone on what has been going on is by making a milestone bullet list! Clever! Isn't it? I will go from June last year, to now. Oldest to latest.

  • Summer 2010 - worked on the house like crazy. When you go to buy a house, and it is HUGE and OLD, just remember these words of wisdom. An old house is expensive to update. If you have the money, it may make more sense to bulldoze and rebuild. lol
  • Summer 2010 - Mykle and I ran the Grandma's half marathon. That was a step up from the 5k from previous years. We completed at a little over 2 hours.
  • Summer 2010 - finally had a house warming party, it felt good bringing friends and family to our home for the first time.
  • Fall 2010 - Mykle finished her RN post bachelor program at St. Scholastica! Yay! She got a job at a nursing a month after passing her RN test (I think the test is called something more sophisticated.... I just don't know the name of it.)
  • Winter 2010 - Mykle got a job at St. Lukes as a RN on orthopedics! That is pretty much top notch for the Duluth area. She is loving the job thus far!
  • Winter 2010 - Mykle and I started up snowboarding again! We got passes at Mont Du Lac and Spirit Mountain. We hit the hills hard this year since we didn't have school. So much fun!
  • Winter 2010 - Mykle, myself, my cousin Renae, and my buddy Matt from work all went on a snowboarding trip to Big Sky Montana. It was a hell of a time! Felt good to get away.
  • Spring 2010 - Updated my websites :)

    It really has been nuts this last year. I'm still working hard at Field Logic. The job gets more intense every year. There isn't much in IT that I feel I can't handle now a days. I got my VCP (VM Certified Professional) and I am currently learning about Microsoft Server 2008 and Exchange 2007. The house is really coming together. We painted repainted almost all of our rooms, and refinished the wood floors. We have a new addition to the family. We saved a puppy from a what we believe to be puppy mill. She is a black laberdoodle. We named her Paige. She is kind of a tard at times, but she is a sweet heart. Here is a pic of our puppies, along with Mykle's mom's dog Buster.

    I recently got a Mathews bow. I figured since I work a top notch archery company, why not start shooting a bow? So I been shooting for about a month now. Mykle decided to get a bow as well. Her bow should be here in about a week. We figure this is just another thing we can do together. Lately we been going to doggy school for Bella/Paige. Doggy school is currently taking up 3 days a week for about an hour to two hours a day. Bella is a genious. Paige has some work ahead of her. That is all I can think of for now. Until next time! Peace!

    June 3rd, 2010 By: Tom Hadrava

    Almost there!

    I do not even know where to begin! So much has happened in the past year. I'm still living the dream at Field Logic. Mykle is going to be finishing her one year post Bachelor R.N. Program at St. Scholastica. She is set to graduate August 2010. She will begin her capstone internship at St. Lukes in a week. Very Exciting!

    We moved into a house! We have been saving our money for quite some time, and decided to jump on the housing market. With the tax credit being offered it was very hard to pass up. We looked at 40+ houses. We finally settled on a house in New Gary Duluth. It is an older house, but HUGE. It is roughly 2,400 sq. ft., not including the unfinished basement! However the house was built in 1911. We are finding many little issues with the house.

    We found that we need to:
  • Replace the furnace (done)
  • Replace the roof (very rough shape, possibly leaking in some areas)
  • Fix up the basement (leaks during hard rain)
  • Bamboo from hell is taking over the yard... it is impossible to get rid of.
  • Upstairs bathroom needs to be completely redone.
  • Overall just a whole lot of TLC LOL

    By the way!... Nobody tells you that you have to literally mow your lawn once a week during the summer months. That is just sucky! Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled to have a lawn. But mowing just sucks.

    Mykle and I are training for running once again. However this year we decided to step it up! We are attempting the half marathon. The race is June 19th. So far we feel really good about the race. We have done 10 mile practice runs, and felt fine afterwards. Assuming everything goes well, maybe we will try for the full marathon next year! (probably not, lol)

    We also had an addition to our family! No, we didn't have a baby... We got a puppy! Her name is Bella (named after the girl on Twilight) *roll eyes*, she is a Border Collie/Golden Retriever mix. She is a VERY smart dog. Problem is that she is too smart. She knows how trick us into getting what she wants. We began training at the Arrowhead Dog Training Academy. Bella is basically advanced. Border Collies are extremely energetic. They have a black hole of energy. If you ever decide to get a Border Collie, buy a RC car to help burn off their energy. Haha! Bella is going to be graduating next week from puppy school. Then in 6 months we plan to start the adult dog training classes.

    I recently gave in to getting a Twitter account. I thought Twitter was the dumbest thing forever, but I like the overall direction that Twitter is going versus FaceBook or MySpace. So here it is @thadrava. Please follow me! I need to get more loyal followers. I need to beat my coworker. I would mention his name, but out of fear of you following him... I will not.

    I'm hoping to soon be opening my own I.T. business. I will be doing only side jobs over the weekend because I am working full time Monday through Friday. I'm still trying to figure out pricing. I will be offering services such as: virus removal, computer cleanup, computer setup, home network setup, wireless setup, and web design.

    That is the bulk of everything going on with my life. I hope to update more often, but I seem to say that every year, so I won't hold my breath. I'm becoming busier as the years go on. Mykle and I hope to have another addition to our family next year. I cannot imagine how busy we will be with a baby! Take care and God bless!

    December 26th, 2008 By: Tom Hadrava

    Happy Holidays!

    Thank God the holidays are finally over. Mykle and I had to be very active with the family this year. When you become married there is no excuse to not see family anymore. It was a great time, but very tiresome. Between both of our families we celebrated 5 different Christmas gatherings. Overall I would say it was one of my favorites Christmases so far. That and it was the first Christmas we celebrated as a married couple. So that was exciting!.

    Mykle got accepted to the post Bachelor R.N. Program at St. Scholastica. It is a one year program for students with their B.S. degree to become a Registered Nurse. It is a "Plan B" for if she isn't accepted for P.A. School. It may not be exactly what she wants, but at least she has an alternative. Something is better than nothing. She is very excited.

    I am still just working. Nothing much has changed. I am attending classes at LSC to become a CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate). This will hopefully give me a niche in the I.T. field, and give me some technical background.

    I may have a new hobby incoming. Nitro R/C racing. I have wanted a 4 WD R/C truck since I was 8 years old. I have never got one. As the years went on I started to learn what was out there for R/C trucks. My research has leaded me to this beast of a truck called Revo 3.3 made by Traxxas. Check it out.

    Gobble Gallop!!!

    Mykle suckered me into yet another 5k race. We ran the Gobble Gallop Thanksgiving morning. We did pretty good considering we got back from a Puddle of Mudd concert the night before at 2 AM, and raced the next morning at 9 AM. Mykle beat me by a half a second. Darn! The results were as follows:

    620 - Mykle Hadrava - 32:25
    621 - Tom Hadrava - 32:25.5

    To see the official 2008 results click here.

    December 26th, 2008 By: Tom Hadrava

    I finally managed to apply a huge update to my website. I updated every page. I updated my picture section to include a small batch of pictures from my wedding. You can see them by clicking here.

    I updated the Hammer of the Kings section to correctly reflect what has been going on since the release of the new expansion. I added Armory links to our characters. I hope to add some screenshots soon.

    Now that the wedding is done, I took the right side link out of my website.

    August 31st, 2008 By: Tom Hadrava

    Mr. and Mrs. Hadrava!!!

    It is true! Mykle and Tom finally tied the knot! It was a beautiful wedding. There were a few minor things that went wrong, but nothing any guests would notice. The church was extremly warm, they had no air conditioning in the main sanctuary.

    The reception was a lot of fun. We had it at Blackwoods Bar and Grill in Proctor. Where we would never recommend them for someone elses wedding, everything was "OK". The main reception coordinator that we were working with had a family emergency. This caused some internal problems. All in all, it was a great time!

    Here is the posted wedding presentation from the reception, feel free to download it, however you will need the proper password to run the PowerPoint. NOTE: You may have to right click the link and select save as.

    Wedding Presentation

    I will have another update coming in the near future. Now that the wedding is done with, and we don't have school this year, I have a bit more time on my hands. So I will be doing a big upgrade to the site soon! Stay tuned!!!

    May 22nd, 2008 By: Tom Hadrava


    I finally graduated and it is summer time! Life is good. I was offered a full time job at Field Logic Inc. as an Information Technology Coordinator. The job is full time with benefits. I am still working as a Hewlett Packard Representative as a backup ASR

    Mykle has graduated with a B.S. in Biology and a Chemistry minor. She was offered a full time job at Residential Service Inc. as a Shift Leader. She is very excited about the transition.

    There is a lot we have to think about over this summer. We will be getting invitations ready to send out towards the end of May. August 16th is right around the corner and we have lots of planning to do. Mykle and I were surprised how much time goes into a full time job. This is the first official full time job that both of us have ever had. Finding time to get the little things done at home is becoming difficult.

    I recently purchased WiiFit in hope to help me get in shape before the wedding. The stupid game told me I was about 22 lbs. over weight (according to my BMI). My best bud Frank is helping me in my attempt to get in shape before the wedding. We have a set schedule working out Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning. So far it is working out pretty good.

    March 20th, 2008 By: Tom Hadrava

    I recently updated my pictures section. I now have a few of my pictures from Jamaica. Check them out! (as long as you have the password)

    March 17th, 2008 By: Tom Hadrava

    I have done a few more updates to my website. I now added a video and picture directory to my website. They are both password protected. I now have a quicklink to my wedding page. The wedding section is also password protected. I updated my home page, about page, and credential page. I will be adding to the picture and video section in the near future.

    March 14th, 2007 By: Tom Hadrava

    Spring Break!

    I'm so excited that Spring Break is finally here. School has been rough these past weeks, I am just counting down the days until graduation. I have no big plans for Spring Break other than just chilling, and earning some money at work. I believe video games will play an important role during the break. = )

    The wedding plans are going well. We have the church, pastor, and place of the reception all planned out. We are now in the process of figuring out decorations, flowers, food, etc. All the little things that add up to a lot. Invitations will be going out in the next month or so. Keep an eye out for yours!

    Mykle and I got back from Jamaica in mid January. It was so much fun! Jamaica is beautiful. Although we did have a great time, I was happy to be back in cold Minnesota. I did get sick of all the hecklers, begging for money. It is just sad. I'll try to have some pictures up by the end of Spring Break.

    I am now working at my new job at Field Logic Inc. Yes... no more HP representative work for me. As much as I loved the job, it just was not in my field of study. Field Logic is a great company to be working for. They are a huge corporate company. I'm hoping that there will be opportunityto advance after I graduate. One of my goals is to acquire a full time IT job somewhere. It would be very nice to reach that goal right after graduation. Field Logic is has given me experience in dealing with Microsoft Exchange Servers and stacked T1 networking. They are having me develop Network Diagrams using Microsoft Visio. They had me create a customer service database using Microsoft Access. It is in the trial phase as of right now. It is all very exciting.

    The UWS Pre-Med Club website will be going down. It is not so much that the website isn't being used, there is not a huge amount of interest being show for the club. There are also some reliability issues with having a website for a UWS club, when the website is not on the official UWS website.

    As I said, I will add more to the website over Spring Break. I will be updating my resume to be more up to date with my current jobs.Hopefully add some pictures and videos for my Jamaica trip. There should be an update coming to our wedding page as well.

    Dec. 26th, 2007 By: Tom Hadrava


    Christmas vacation is finally here, and it is much needed. School is good, I did well in all my classes. I updated the credentials section of my website, and now all I need is 5 classes to graduate. I'm so excited! I have been invited by a couple different companies from the UWS job fair to come in for an interview. I will keep everyone posted.

    Christmas was insane. Mykle and I are officially engaged! We had to go everywhere this year for Christmas to show off the ring. Mykle and I went up to the range for my family's Christmas gathering, then we came back down to Duluth for her family's Christmas. It was a fun, but exahausting day. Now we are back to work in full force, and counting down the days until we leave for Jamaica. I can't wait to be laying on beach, and I can just leave all my stress behind.

    I recently added a video section to my website. Only my immidiate family will have access to this page. To visit the page, you can used the following link:

    As I previously stated, Mykle and I are engaged! I'll be adding a wedding section to my website. The link is: It's currently is a dead link, but as soon as I find out more about the wedding, I will post it on my site. The information we have as of now, is that the reception will be at the Black Woods Grill and Bar in Proctor, and the date is August 16th.

    I also recently purchased a brand new laptop. I figured since I'm going to have a career in IT, I need to have a nice laptop to go with the career. I was sure to milk my HP discount for what it was worth. I got a nice price on a HPTX1000 series laptop. It's only 3.8 lbs. and 12.1 inches wide. The sweet part about this laptop is that the screen swivels around and converts into a tablet PC. I was a little scared to get this, because I wasn't sure how well the tablet conversion would work. But after writing over a 100 sentences for the personal hand writing recognition, it does work pretty slick. (my hand is still sore *ouch*)

    Oct. 31st, 2007 By: Tom Hadrava

    It has been a long time since I updated my site. Between work, school, and planning for the holiday season, I have not had time. I will be implementing a movie section to my website soon. I recently purchased Sony digital camcorder. I think it would be fun to add a video section to my website, where people can view some of my personal videos.

    Mykle and I have been busy trying to figure out where exactly we plan to move. She will be applying to medical school in the Spring, she also plans on taking a CNA course, to boost her resume and application.

    We are very pinched for funds. We both are trying to save money for Christmas. Mykle and I are planning on traveling to Jamaica January 4th for a week. This will be my first time being anywhere tropical in my life, and I don't plan to hold back at all.

    That is all that is really going on new in my life. I'm counting down the weeks of Fall semester. Roughly seven more weeks, then it's vacation time!!!

    August 28th, 2007 By: Tom Hadrava

    It has been a long time since I last updated anything on my website. I was very busy with work, and just trying to enjoy my last bit of summer vacation. My website was recently attacked. If anyone kept an eye on my forums, you may have noticed I got TONS of spam. It was easy to fix, but tedious. My personal email and phone also got spam. I'm guessing they got the information from my posted resume. So for that reason, I will no longer have my resume accessible.

    I recently changed my hosting server from Windows to Linux. This had to be done to get the forums working. Why do I bring this up? Well in the process of Go Daddy converting everything over, I lost formatting on all of my HTML files. So rather them being all spaced out and organized, It was a GIANT brick of code. So I recently had to go through it all and make it look pretty once again.

    I also have been working hard on the UWS Pre-Med Website. My deadline was to have it done my September 1st. Needless to say, the website is up and running. You can check out the website by going to

    In the process of my forums getting hit, I also decided to change the style of my forums. So instead of having the generic PHPBB looking forums, it now looks a bit cleaner.

    July 25th, 2007 By: Tom Hadrava

    The DevTomH Forums are finally up and running. For those of you that need access to either the HotK or UWS Pre-Med Club Forums you can start by clicking here. You will have to regester before you will be able to post anything.

    I would also like to ask for help from those of you that have seen my website. I am now looking for a full time IT position. I had some changes in my school schedule and I will not be taking as many classes as intended. If anyone has any information for me, please post it on my forums or email me. It would all be very much appreciated. Thanks! I will be updating my resume and credentials section of my website in the very near future.

    June 22nd, 2007 By: Tom Hadrava

    Updated my Hammer of the Kings section of the website. You can view information on my character and read up on how our guild came to be. Take a walk down memory lane and read about the drama, anger, sadness, and happiness by reading the exciting story of Hammer of the Kings.

    June 20th, 2007 By: Tom Hadrava

    Grandma's Marathon is finally over! Even though Mykle and I just ran the William A. Irvin 5 km, it was rough. We managed to keep up a jogging pace the entire time. In the beginning we were a bit behind, but we got it together in the last 2 miles. Here is some information regarding our race. For more information on the race for different runners click here

    Tom Hadrava
    Placement 682
    Pace 10:18
    Chip Time 32:38
    Gun Time 33:14

    Mykle Sederlund
    Placement 681
    Pace 10:18
    Chip Time 32:39
    Gun Time 33:14

    Left to right, Mykle, Mykle's dad Mike Sederlund, Tom

    Yes, Mykle beat me sadly. I don't understand how she placed ahead of me, our times were the exact same, except for our chip times and to top it off, my chip time was better! She had to have bribed someone on the inside. Eh, just kidding, she is a much better runner then me.

    June 8th, 2007 By: Tom Hadrava

    Mykle's birthday was a blast. We ended up not having it at the Big House. We decided not to have a huge party. So we just had a small gathering in our apartment. It was a great time. I would like to personally thank my friends, Frank, Collin, and Jozef for coming to the party. Jozef had to leave early due to him having work. The oldest excuse in the book. Frank and Collin were the life the party!

    I will be soon updating my Hammer of the Kings link. For those at home that have no idea what HotK is all about, I will shed a little insight. Hammer of the Kings is guild that me and my buddys made in a game called World of Warcraft. Guilds are groups of people that work together towards a common goal. For us it was all about having fun playing a game we all enjoyed. It was also decided our senior year to make this guild as a way for us to keep in touch while attending college. I'll have more details on this story of frienship in a week or so.

    With one week closing in on the William A. Ervin 5 km. Mykle and I are getting nervous. We are a little groggy from her birthday bash, but we do not doubt that we can get it back together and still do descent in the race. We are giving it our last ditch effort to train everyday up until the event starts.

    June 4th, 2007 By: Tom Hadrava

    I got my revamped website uploaded finally! For those who did not see my previous website, it was a website made with frames. Didn't look that great, it was very plain looking. This website is made with cascading style sheets or CSS. I'm a bit new with CSS, but so far it seems to add a lot more flexibility and there is much less code. It also makes the website look more consistent.

    My Spring '07 semester just ended at UWS. Unfortunately I will be starting up again June 18th. Taking summer courses again in my attempt to graduate asap.

    I did finally quit OfficeMax after 3 years. I landed an internship working with RSI I also got another part time job working for Market Source as a Hewlett Packard Representative in Duluth. I travel back and forth between Best Buy and OfficeMax. I do merchandising, sales, relationship building, and proudly represent the HP name.

    Updated the credentials section of my website. It is finally up to date. Resume section should be up and running within the next week or so.


    These are events that relate to Tom

    There is too much going on, and I don't have time to keep this udpated. So... to keep my self from looking like a crappy web designer, I'm not going to put anything here.

    This won't be updated, unless I have a major event going on.



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